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Sitting all day at work? Exercises you must do

krishna murthy
While there is no way to back off from these perils of having a desk job, you can surely reduce the impact by doing some easy exercises.
Chest opener: This exercise helps to flex the muscles of your back and shoulders.
Lunge stretch: It helps you stretch more muscles of the inner and outer thighs, hamstrings, and quads.
Downward facing dog: It is an excellent yoga asana to reduce neck strain and back pain, common side effects of sitting all day long.
Spinal twisting: It lengthens the spine and flexes the muscles of your shoulders and neck.
Reverse plank: It can help provide relief from back pain and butt numbness.
Remember that consistency is the key so while sitting might be the norm, make these exercises your new normal for a healthier life.
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