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Simple tips to protect your car during heat wave

Worried over your car amid intense heatwave spell? Here are some ways in which you can keep your car cool from scorching sun.
Move the air: Roll down the driver side’s window. Do open & close the door up to five to ten times. This will help circulate the air that is trapped inside.
Crack open the windows: Using your A/C all the time during the heat is not wise, instead keep the windows slightly open. This help in keeping the hot air outside the cabin and facilitate ventilation.
Use sunshades: Use sunshades for to cover your car. These sunshades are really helpful to protect against the harsh sun rays.
Solar-powered fan: Solar-powered fans are a good idea. They come in cheap and can also prove to be easy for your pocket in the long term.
Keep bedsheets over the seat: Keeping light coloured bed-sheets over your car, It helps to keep them cool.
Open the windows before getting in: Open all the windows to perform ventilation. This will also help the A/C to cool the cabin faster