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Simple tips to improve English speaking skills

krishna murthy
Many struggle to communicate in English for one or the other reason. Here are some tips to improve your English speaking skills.
Cultivate the habit of reading English newspaper everyday. Note down the words, idioms and phrases in a book.
Try to use those words in day-to-day life to improve your vocabulary.
Watch English news channels for 30 minutes a day and prefer watching more and more English series/movies.
This improve your English grasping power and also boost your confidence when speaking with native English speakers.
Whenever you speak in English, don't try to frame sentence in a hurry. Speak slowly and use right words.
Whenever you go out to malls, speak to the shopkeepers in English and also prefer speaking in English when you call customer care.
Find a partner (s) to communicate on daily basis. Slowly your confidence grows.
Last but not the least, English in a language and not knowledge. Remember, you can master it easily with practise.
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