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Signs that you are reaching menopause

Signs that you are reaching
krishna murthy
Middle age can often bring increased anxiety, fear and stress and this is largely due to the physical changes occurring in the body
There may be emotional changes such as worrying about growing older, losing members
It is an increasingly difficult phase, but reach out to your family member for help and during this period it is normal to have the feelings listed below
Frustration, angry outbursts and irritability
Restlessness, anxiety, agitated, feeling of guilt of worthlessness, loss of interest in activity that you enjoy
Memory lapses, lack of energy, sleeping little or too much, changes in your appetite
Trouble making decisions, change in appetite, unexplained physical pain
To get over this, get adequate sleep, regularly exercise, try relaxation tehniques
Seek help from your loved one, quit smoking and also seek support groups
Don’t worry it is just a phase
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