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Should we worry about the XE variant of COVID-19

WHO has warned about the new variant of COVID-19 called XE. Should we be worried
Around the world around 700 viral genomes have been assigned to XE
Viruses undergo a process called as recombination which means they have two parents.
Recombinant viruses can emerge when two or more variants affect the same cell in an individual allowing the variant to interact during replication.
Recently several recombinant COVID-19 variants such as XA, XB, XC and so on until XS have been identified
Evidence as of now does not suggest that recombinant viruses are more of a public health than other variants. However the same should be monitored to find out if it induces any change
Currently there is no need to be overly concerned about the XE variant. However continue to wear masks and adhere to all COVID-19 protocols
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