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Saturn, Mars Venus, Jupiter to align this week

The aligning of Saturn, Mars, Venue, Jupiter is a first since 947 AD
Saturn, Mars, Venus and Jupiter will align in a parade this week. It is an extremely rare combination
The last time this combination took place was in 947 AD. The same can be seen with the naked eye
The phenomenon would occur in the eastern sky an hour before sunrise. In order to see this phenomenon go to a place where there is no light pollution
Light pollution is the excessive scattering of light in the environment due to traffic, vehicles lights and lights of the building
The best place for stargazing would be a secluded place such as the top of a hill which has very less light
Do keep in mind that when observing celestial bodies, only stars twinkle and not planets. The planets shine continuously because they reflect light from the stars
In our solar system all the planets reflect sunlight. The rare phenomenon is said to be visible all week