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Rocketry - The Nambi Effect to have world premiere at Cannes

By Vikash.N
The Nambi Effect is a retelling of Nambi Narayanan’s life story
Godavari is the story of one Nishikant Deshmukh - who lives by the banks of a river, in an old mansion with his family
Alpha Beta Gamma: Jai’s directorial career is on the uptick, though his marital life is on the rocks and he is trying to move on with his girlfriend Kaira
Boomba Ride: The movie is a scathing comic satire of corruption in India’s rural education system
Dhuin: Pankaj is an aspiring actor who is making ends meet by doing street plays for the local municipality.
Tree Full of Parrots: Eight year old boy Poonjan is not an ordinary boy. He earns a living by doing small jobs like fishing in the back waters