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Reeling under immense heat, Indian monsoon to be normal

The IMD has said that the monsoon this year would be normal
With several cities witnessing temperatures in the average of 36-46 degree Celsius, the big question is when will the country get rains
India witnessed its hottest March this year. In fact it was the hottest March in 122 years.
The India Meteorological Department has said that the country will receive normal monsoon this year
The monsoon rains usually lash the souther tip of Kerala around June 1 and retreat by September 1
In India the normal rainfall is defined as one that ranges between 96 per cent and 104 per cent of a 50 year average of 87 cm
The monsoon is very crucial for India as it brings nearly 75 per cent of the rains needed by farms.
The monsoon is also very crucial as it replenishes the reservoirs and aquifers. Let us hope that we have a good monsoon this year