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Pink Moon: Guide to take photos using a smartphone

How to take photos of Pink Moon using a smartphone
On April 17 at 12.25 am, the full moon known as the Pink Moon will be visible in India.
The Pink Moon will be illuminated for just a moment at 12.25 am
NASA wrote in a statement that this would be a full moon weekend. The full moon occurs once a month when the Sun, Earth and Moon line up on an imaginary 180 degree line.
If you don’t have a DSLR camera, then do not worry. Stay awake and use your smartphones to take breathtaking pictures of the Pink Moon
It is better to use a tripod to take images of the Pink Moon. And yes, do not forget to keep your flash off. The excess light can ruin the image
Use the timer built in to your camera application and do not forget to turn on the HDR mode for better detailing of the Moon
Do ensure that you set up the camera at least half an hour in advance. Let the focus be only on the Moon as at 12.25 am it would only briefly light up and hence the timer is important
Also do not forget to tap on the Moon to bring up exposure control. Once it is done reduce it to the minimum. Make full use of all the features on your smartphone such as high resolution etc
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