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No Confidence Vote: Is Imran Khan Losing The Number Game?

Pakistan PM Imran Khan said that he will not resign from the post of Pakistan's prime minister despite losing the majority
Pakistan PM Imran Khan says will play till last ball as he will face the vote of no-confidence on Sunday.
Khan needs 172 votes in the lower house of 342 to foil the Opposition's bid to topple him.
Opposition claims it has the support of 175 lawmakers and the prime minister should immediately resign.
The three main opposition parties together also have the same number – PMLN (84), PPP (56), and Maulana Fazlur Rehman’s MMA (15).
Smaller parties play crucial role as PTI had the support from MQM (7), BAP (5), PMLQ (5), Sindh-based GDA (3), JWP (1), two Independents, and AML (1). But now situation has changed.
Numbers in Favour of Khan
  • BAP 1
  • PML-Q 4
  • PTI has 155
  • GDA 3
  • AML 1
Numbers Against Khan
  • BNP 4
  • MMA 15
  • PML-N 84
  • PPP 56
  • MQM-P 7
  • Others 11