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New Covid variant XBB in India. Should we worry?

krishna murthy
XXB is already responsible for Covid spike in Singapore.
At least 10-15% of samples sequenced in India show the presence of XBB, according to recent reports.
The XBB variant has a growth advantage over BA.2.75 and is known to have immune evasive property.
The new genetic variants — XBB and XBB1 — of Covid-19 are more contagious than earlier ones.
The elderly and those suffering from comorbidities should be more careful and wear masks properly for self-protection.
The elderly, those with comorbidities, and healthcare workers must take the booster/precautionary dose of the vaccine.
The percentage of XBB may be increasing, but there is no reason to be concerned in terms of hospitalisations or deaths.
The situation is the same in Singapore, where there has been an XBB spike; but no increased hospitalisation or death rate.
We don't need to worry but we must must remain vigilant and closely monitor trends.
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