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Neelakurinji flowers: Nature's miracle that blooms once in 12 years

krishna murthy
Neelakurinji is one of the most awaited natural wonders that attract many people from across the world.
The flower gets its name because of its appearance, Neela meaning blue and Kurinji meaning flower in the local language.
Also called as 'flowers of love', their 12-year bloom is part of the historic legacy of the region.
The Neelakurinji is a monocarpic plant, which means that each shrub reproduces once after flowering and then dies, and it takes a particular period for the new seeds to bloom.
The blossom takes 12 years as the pollination for the Neelakurinji flowers need such a long period. In botany, this is referred to as 'survival mechanism' of plants.
Longer pollination helps the species to escape total destruction by predators or even due to climate changes.
With 46 species of Kurinjis found in India, the Neelakurinji is native to the Shola forest of the Western Ghats.
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