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Navratri Special: Try this sabudana aloo chilla recipe

Sabudana aloo chilla recipe
krishna murthy
It is a good idea to begin Navratri 2022 with this sabudana aloo chilla recipe
Not only is it super easy to make, it is healthy as well
You will need half cup sabudana, quarter cup curd and 2 boiled potatoes
You will also need rock salt as per taste, one tablespoon ginger-chilli paste and two table spoons of coriander leaves
Soak the sabudana for six hours. If you are unable to soak then boil for 5 to 10 minutes
Make a smooth paste by grinding the sabudana and the curd
Add boiled potatoes to the paste with coriander leaves, ginger-chilli paste and rock salt
Mix it all until a smooth batter is formed
Take a non-stick pan apply oil and pour the batter and let it cook until it leaves the side. Now add some oil on top
Flip the cheela and let it cook till both sides turn golden brown. Always serve hot
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