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Navaratri: 9 things you should not do during this festival

krishna murthy
On this special occasion, we tell you nine things you should avoid doing during this Hindu festival.
The first and foremost thing is do not abuse anyone and notably women.
During this Navaratri, avoid eating non-vegetarian food.
Consuming alcoholic beverages is forbidden during the nine-day celebration.
Do not get haircut or get your nails clipped during nine-day Dasara festival.
Avoid eating onion, eggs, mushroom and garlic and ideally you should be eating satvik food.
Salt and seed-based oils and spicy foods are prohibited.
Do not slice a lemon during Navaratri as it is considered inauspicious.
Prefer millets and sabudana instead of rice and wheat.
Last but not the least, do not hate anyone, forgive people and spread love. That's how good wins over evil.
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