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National Postal Week: Interesting facts about India Post

krishna murthy
World’s first airmail flight took off in India on 18th February 1911 that a private plane took off from Allahabad to deliver mail at Naini.
The credit for issuing Asia’s first postal stamp also goes to India. Such a stamp was issued in Sindh (now in Pakistan) in 1852 and was in use till 1866.
This rarest of rare stamp is collectors’ pride. Sir Bartel Frere, the Commissioner of Sindh, introduced paper stamps for his province in 1852.
An all-comprehensive Indian Post Office Act was enacted in 1854. Again, it was in 1854 that rail mail service (RMS) began. The sea mail service from India to Britain and China also commenced in that year.
While 1854 stamps bore the inscription 'India Postage', in the same year, this was changed to 'East India Postage'.
In 1882, this was again changed to 'India Postage' and continued till November 1962 when a new caption 'भारत' 'INDIA' was introduced.
The first independence stamps, issued in 1947, were three in number. They depicted the Ashoka Pillar (National Emblem of India), the Indian National Flag and an Aircraft.
With a total of 1,54,939 post offices (as on 31.03.2015), India Post ranks the world’s largest postal network.
The beginning for this was in 1727 when the first post office was opened in Calcutta (now Kolkata). Of these, 1,39,222 (89.96%) are in rural areas.
Like the kings & queens of yore, you can also have a stamp that features you on stamps under ‘My Stamp’ facility. The Gen Z might call this as Selfie Stamps!
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