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Mumbai still tops: City wise prices of petrol, diesel in India

City wise list of petrol and diesel prices in India
The prices of petrol and diesel have remained unchanged for 17 days straight. However the prices continue to remain above the 100 mark is almost all places
Delhi,Petrol: Rs 105.41 per litre, Diesel: Rs 96.67 per litre: Mumbai, Petrol: Rs 120.51 per litre Diesel: Rs 104.77 per litre
Chennai, Petrol: Rs 110.85 per litre, Diesel: Rs 100.94 per litre, Kolkata, Petrol: Rs 115.12 per litre, Diesel: Rs 99.83 per litre
Bhopal, Petrol - Rs 118.14 per litre, Diesel - Rs 101.16 per litre, Hyderabad, Petrol - Rs 119.49 per litre, Diesel - Rs 105.49 per litre
Bengaluru, Petrol - Rs 111.09 per litre, Diesel - Rs 94.79 per litre, Guwahati, Petrol - Rs 105.66 per litre, Diesel - Rs 91.40 per litre
Lucknow, Petrol - Rs 105.25 per litre,Diesel - Rs 96.83 per litre
Gandhinagar, Petrol - Rs 105.29 per litre, Diesel - Rs 99.64 per litre, Thiruvananthapuram, Petrol - Rs 117.19 per litre, Diesel - Rs 103.95 per litre
Indian Oil customers can send RSP to 9224992249 while BPCL consumers can SMS RSP to 9223112222 to get the prices of petrol and diesel in their respective cities