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Mooli for winters: 5 effective health benefits of radish

Gowrish Babu
Radish, known as mooli in Hindi, is a winter favourite root vegetable and you shouldn't be missing out on its unique flavour and health benefits.
Radish is full of dietary fibre, which helps with digestion issues.
While there is no cure for common cold, and cough during winters, radishes can actually help you fight these ailments. This root veggie has anti-congestive properties.
Radishes are a good source of vitamin C. Vitamin C is an antioxidant that helps battle free radicals in your body and helps prevent cell damage.
Radishes are a natural antifungal. They contain the antifungal protein RsAFP2.
Radish is also known to control damage to red blood cells, and in the process also increases oxygen supply to the blood.
Radish also provides your body with potassium, which can help lower your blood pressure, and keep your blood flow in control.
If you drink radish juice every day, you're giving your skin special boosters to stay healthy, and that's mostly because of the Vitamin C, zinc, and phosphorus.
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