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Lunar Eclipse 2022: Do's and Don'ts during 'Chandra Grahan'

krishna murthy
Almost a year after the last total lunar eclipse, the sight of the moon sliding into the shadows of the earth returns and graces the sky.
While eclipses are a celestial event for skygazers, here is a list of dos and don'ts associated with beliefs and precautions which people usually follow.
Lunar eclipse should not be watched with naked eyes. Telescope, binoculars, or glasses should be used to see the event.
Eating during the eclipse is not recommended. Moreover, it is believed that keeping tulsi leaves in all food dishes, especially the ones made of milk, helps .
People like to chant mantras and take the name of God to minimize the harmful effects of lunar eclipse.
It is considered inauspicious to cut hair and nail during the eclipse.
Apart from this, it is believed that knives, fork, or any other pointed and sharp tools should not be used during the eclipse.
Donating food and clothes is considered auspicious after the lunar eclipse.
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