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Key observations by the SC on sedition law

The Supreme Court put on hold the sedition law giving the centre time to re-examine it
The 152 year old sedition law was put on hold by the Supreme Court.The court also told the government that no new cases should be lodged under the British era legislation unless the provisions are fully re-examined
A Bench led by Chief Justice of India, N V Ramana it would be appropriate to put the provision in abeyance until the government reviews the sedition law
It will be appropriate not to use this provision of law till further re-examination is over, the court said
“We hope and expect the Centre and States will desist from registering any FIR under Section 124A or initiate proceedings under the same till the re-examination is done”
“Those jailed under the provision or those being prosecuted can approach the trial courts for bail”
“The trial courts will adjudicate the grievance of those who approach it”
The government’s request not to stay the sedition law was rejected by the Supreme Court holding it must balance civil liberty and sovereignty of the State
“The government is at liberty to issue additional guidelines on checking instances of misuse of the sedition law”
Those convicted for sedition can face a jail term ranging from 3 years to life imprisonment, with or without fine