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Keep your house warm this winter

Gowrish Babu
Many have already taken out their thermals and heaters to keep themselves warm and protected.
Here are some simple and interesting tricks. Read on.
Close your windows completely. If the outside temperature is higher than the interior temperature, open them during the day.
During the winter, drape heavy curtains over windows. Cold air cannot enter the room through heavy curtains.
Most of the people in today’s time live in flats, and flats have tiles on the floor. Tiles are easily cold during winter so it is extremely important to cover up the floors with some carpets and rugs.
In winters, the feet tend to get extremely cold. Keep your toes warm by throwing the warmest and the most comfortable of rugs on the hard floor.
Use incandescent lights or yellow bulbs or white ones which generates heat in the room.
To keep yourself warm enough under the blankets, use hot pads under your blankets. Using a hot pad will keep your body warmer and retain the heat under the blanket.
Also, use hair dryers for warmth when it is extremely chilly inside.
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