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Is heatwave the most disastrous event

Heatwave is the second most disastrous event
The Indian Institute of Tropical Meteorology in a research last year said that the mortality rates for extreme weather events are on a decline but rising significantly for heatwaves and lightning events.
The mortality rate of tropical cyclones reduced by 94 per cent in the past 20 years but for heatwaves and lightning it increased by 62.2 per cent and 52.8 per cent respectively.
Heatwaves have now become the second most disastrous event according to the paper.
The mortality rates increased by almost 27 per cent in 2010-2019 when compared to 2000-2009.
In 2000 to 2019 period there have been 2,354 heatwave related deaths.
In Ahmedabad there were 800 excess deaths due to heat in May 2010 only in a week.
Most of the deaths in Ahmedabad were indirect heatstrokes. It also said that any temperature above 45 degree Celsius could be lethal.