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Is drinking brandy, whisky or rum healthy?

Gowrish Babu
Each spirit is similar in terms of nutritional content, offering low calories, low sugar content, and low sodium.
Each contains trace vitamins and minerals, including phosphorus, thiamine, iron, and zinc.
Whisky and brandy contain antioxidants that may reduce LDL cholesterol. Rum, on the other hand, helps in treating common cold and also has the potential to increase longevity.
Anti-inflammatory properties in whisky, brandy are believed to relieve joint pains. Rum, meanwhile, may have potential to ease arthritis and muscle pain. However, there are no scientific reports to back these claims.
Whisky and brandy may reduce blood pressure. Rum gives an instant boost to energy levels.
Ellagic acid, found in brandy and whisky, has the potential to slow the growth of cancerous cells.
Overall, it’s safe to say all offer health benefits when consumed in moderation.
However, when consumed in excess, both may lead to addiction and adverse health effects.
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