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Interesting facts about Krishna, Mahesh Babu's father

Gowrish Babu
As the Telugu film fraternity bids farewell to him, let's take a look at some interesting facts about him.
Superstar Krishna introduced Cowboy and James Bond style of cinema to Telugu.
He paired up with actress Vijaya Nirmala (later his wife) in over 48 films, 47 films with Jayaprada and 30 with Sridevi.
Krishna did dual characters in 25 movies and triple roles in seven movies.
He was the first Telugu star to act in Eastman Color Film ('Eenadu').
Krishna's 'Mosagallaki Mosagadu' was the first film to be screened in 56 countries.
He was the only Indian star to produce over 50 movies.
Superstar Krishna was conferred a rare honour by the Australian postal department by issuing a special stamp dedicated to him in 2017.
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