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Instagram's add-ons against stalkers, abusers

Gowrish Babu
These new features will be able to protect users from inappropriate content.
Now, Instagram makes it more difficult for someone that has been blocked to contact the user again.
With this new feature, every time you block someone, you'll also have the option to block other accounts they may have or create. So, no stalking/harassing using new accounts.
Instagram’s also expanding its ‘Hidden Words’ feature, which blocks certain terms that are masquerading as harmless words with the help of some spelling mistakes.
Any comments/DMs including these blocked words are then moved to filtered folders instead.
Users will be able to switch 'Hidden' Words off at any time.
But the idea is that this will help to limit exposure to potentially offensive responses.
Instagram says that it’s also expanding Hidden Words to Story replies, while it’s also making Hidden Words available in more languages.
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