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Importance of Kanya Pujan in Navratri

krishna murthy
In Navratri, people worship young girls who are believed to represent Goddess Durga.
According to the scriptures, Goddess Durga embodied as a young girl to defeat the demon Kalasura. So, people worship little girls as they are believed to be the universal creative forces.
On the eighth and ninth days of Navratri, the Hindus worship nine young girls as 'Navadurga' (nine forms of Goddess Durga).
They invite young girls to their homes and wash their feet and are made to sit on pedestals.
Also, holy thread Kalawa is tied in their hands while kumkum is applied on their foreheads.
Then, these girls are offered special food including puri, kala chana, coconut and Halwa.
After food, the devotees gift red dupatta, new clothes, bangles and money to the girls.
At the last, the devotees touch the feet of the young girls and ask for blessings.
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