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How to wash (or not wash) your jeans

krishna murthy
Yes, jeans needs to be washed with some pointers in mind. Read on to know them.
Less is more. Don't wash your jeans too often or it may ruin the fit.
In fact Levi Strauss & Co. says wash once after every 10 wears.
For washing your jeans, choose cold water as it keeps the colour and protects against fading.
Don't use too hard detergent as it can fade the colour.
Dryers are the natural enemy of jeans. The best way to dry your jeans is good old air-dry.
After the jeans is dried, steam it for optimal fit. The steam will also make the fabric soft again.
In case of ripped jeans, try not to wash it in your machine as it rip it further and ruin the pattern.
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