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How to validate digital signature in Aadhaar card

E-Aadhaar is as important as the physical Aadhaar card.
krishna murthy
One of the features offered by UIDAI is the Aadhaar e-sign.
e-sign helps to avoid fraudulent activities and makes the authentication process seamless and error-free.
Here are simple steps to validate digital signatures in e-Aadhaar.
Right-click on the 'validity unknown' icon and click on Validate Signature.
You will get the signature validation status window, click on Signature Properties.
Click on 'Show Signer's Certificate.'
Click on the 'Trust' tab, then Click on 'Add to trusted certificate'. After that Select all three options under 'Certified documents' and click 'Ok'.
Click the field "Use this certificate as a trusted root" and click "OK" twice.
Finally, click on "Validate Signature" to complete the validation.
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