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How to take care of your pets this Diwali

Gowrish Babu
So as a pet parent, you need to careful that while you enjoy the festival, they aren't feeling traumatized.
On Diwali, make sure your pets are indoors, preferably somewhere they hear minimal noise of the fire crackers.
You can use earmuffs or clothes to cover their ears.
Don’t feed your pets sweets as it can be a problematic for them.
Keep a bowl full of fresh water by its side. Staying hydrated is important for your anxious pet.
In case you use firecrackets or draw rangoli, make sure your pet is not around it or licking it.
Keep petting them and comforting them once in a while even if you have a huge group of friends to entertain. Nothing works better than a dose of love from you.
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