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How to survive a heatwave

Steps to survive a heatwave
Use box and ceiling fan together. Open door and use box fan to push hot air out while the ceiling fan is on. The box fan will act as an exhaust fan
Fill buckets or basins and soak your feet in water. Wet towels can be worn on the shoulder or head. Take cool showers and spray face with cold water often
Eat fresh foods that do not require you to use your over or stove to prepare. Use appliances sparingly as they generate lot of heat
Keep drinking water. Drink water even if you are not thirsty. Staying hydrated is one good way of beating the heat
Avoid caffeine and alcohol. Both these substances act as diuretics and promote dehydration
Don’t eat large, protein rich meals. These foods can substantially increase the metabolic heat and warm the body
Try and visit a public building where there is air-conditioning. Do this during the hottest hours of the day if the heat become unbearable