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How to submit DLCs through Mobile

krishna murthy
Earlier, the pensioners had to physically appear before the disbursing agencies in order to produce the life certificate.
Now, the government has come up with face authentication technology for filing DLC of EPS, ‘95 Pensioners through the mobile app.
The ‘FaceRD’ app, is a mobile application available on Google PlayStore.
It would simplify the filing process of DLC via mobile phones for pensioners who face difficulties in getting their biometrics captured due to old age or health issues.
Download Aadhar FaceRD app from Google PlayStore.
Download the Face app (android) from Jeevan Pramaan Portal.
The next step is authentication of the operator and Pensioner Authentication
Choosing sanctioning authority, disbursing agency, Aadhar Mobile, PPO Number etc.
Scan face and submit.
Upon approval, successfully life certificate updation and in case of rejection SMS to pensioners.
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