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How to set up emergency SOS on your smartphone

krishna murthy
You can use it to make emergency calls or contact loved ones in a time of need.
You hope you never have to do it, but in case you need to, here's how to set up the emergency SOS feature on a smartphone.
Go to “Settings” and select “Safety and emergency”
Select “Send SOS messages”
Toggle it on and choose your emergency contacts (who will receive the message).
Choose if you want the SOS to be triggered by pressing the side button 3 or 4 times.
Select what you want your phone to do when you trigger the SOS.
Auto call someone: Automatically calls your emergency contact after sending the SOS message.
Attach pictures: Automatically attaches pictures from your front and rear cameras to your SOS message.
Attach audio recording: Attaches a five-second audio recording to your SOS message to give your emergency contact more information on what has happened.
Now the SOS emergency contact feature is all set up.
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