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How to register for OPD with QR code

krishna murthy
For now, these facilities are available at the new OPD block of Lady Hardinge Medical College and Sucheta Kriplani Hospital in New Delhi.
Later, the service will be extended to other health facilities and departments soon.
It will allow old and new patients to register for the OPD service in the hospital by simply scanning a QR code.
So, how to register for OPD with QR code? Follow these instructions for a step-by-step guide
Patients can scan the hospital’s unique QR Code with their mobile phone (using phone camera/scanner/ABHA App/Arogya Setu App/or any other ABDM enabled App)
Once the profile is shared, the hospital provides a token number (queue number).
The token generated is sent as a notification to the patient’s selected app and is also displayed on the screens placed at the OPD registration counters.
As per their token number, the patient can go to the registration counter and directly collect their outpatient slip (OP Slip) for doctor consultation
Further, to assist the patients, support personnel are also present to help patients.
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