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How to Link Your Aadhaar with Ration Card? Step-by-step Guide

By Prakash
Step 1: Login to Aadhaar website and click on 'Start Now' Option
Step 2: Enter your address details – district and state.
Step 3: Select the benefit type as ‘Ration Card’ from the available options
Step 4: Choose the scheme name as ‘Ration Card’.
Step 5: Enter the ration card number, Aadhaar number, email address and mobile number.
Step 6: You will be sent an OTP to the mobile number you have entered in the form.
Step 7: Submit the OTP, post which you will get a notification, informing you that the application process was successful.
Step 8: On successful verification, you will receive a message saying that your Aadhar is linked with ration card.