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How to keep your dog cool during a heatwave

It is hot out there! Your pets are also feeling the heat. Here are the key tips that will make your dog comfortable and protect them from potentially deadly heatstroke?
Keep an eye on not just the ambient temperature, but also the humidity that can affect your pet.
When taking your pet outside use pet-safe lotion.
Make sure your pet has access to both shade and fresh drinking water.
Adjust intensity and duration of exercise on hot days.
Don’t rely on fans. You can help your pet quickly reduce overheating by running cool tap water over its foot pads.
Using a bath towel that has been dampened and kept in the freezer is a great aid for cooling.
Simply keep their water fresh and add ice to the water bowl to help lower the temperature.
Dogs enjoy a Popsicle or frozen juice bar. You can make them with fruit flavors or frozen bars with plain water and a touch of meat.