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How to improve your digestion naturally

It is often said that a healthy gut is a happy you.
krishna murthy
So, keeping the digestion in check is important to keep away lot of health issues.
Here are some tips to follow for a better digestive system.
Instead of having processed food, try to go natural. Natural is always easier to digest and is healthier too.
For good digestion, have plenty of fibres. Increase the intake of beans, whole grains, oatmeal, vegetables and fruits.
Fat has earned quite a bad name but a fair amount of fat actually helps in better digestion.
Never ignore water. Hydration aids digestion and keeps plenty of issues at bay.
Eat slow! Having your food quickly leads to gas and indigestion. So chew your food properly.
If you want better digestion, control your alcohol intake and cut down on smoking too.
Late night dinners frequently may be good for a social life but can play havoc on your digestion.
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