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How to get rid of dry mouth in winter

Gowrish Babu
A dry mouth can be incredibly uncomfortable, even if you’ve only experienced it for a short while.
If you don’t have enough saliva, your mouth will remain dry, creating an environment perfect for plaque, tooth decay, and if left long enough gum disease.
However, there are ways to maintain dental hygiene during winter. Swipe right for some oral health care tips.
Drink plenty of water! This will help in keeping your mouth hydrated and saliva flowing.
Sucking on sugar-free candy and sugar-free gum stimulate saliva production and are a temporary relief from dry mouth.
Avoid smoking, caffeine, and alcohol.
Moisten all dry foods with broth, sauces, milk or melted butter.
Some people breathe through their mouths which causes dryness of the airways. So, a conscious effort to breathe through the nose may alleviate the symptom.
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