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How to find parked car using Google Maps?

Gowrish Babu
But did you know Google Maps now has a parking location feature as well?
This feature lets you save the exact parking location of your car and is quite useful when parking your car in a huge and confusing parking space
Here is how you can save and find your parking spot using Google Maps.
Open the Google Maps app, Tap on the blue dot. You will now get three options on the screen. Click on 'Save your parking'
Your parking location will now be saved and a label on the map shows where you parked your car.
You can now ask Google Assistant to find your car or tap on the label to start navigation.
Not only that, you can also add a note, add the amount of time left and even get a reminder alert, save an image of your parking spot, and send your parking location to friends.
The users of iOS can also do the same using Apple Maps.
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