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How to control your cholesterol during winters?

krishna murthy
There’s also a higher risk of snacking for fun while staying indoors.
However, Consuming high cholesterol foods during this time can pose a big threat to your health.
So, you can control and reduce cholesterol levels by watching what you eat.
Winter is the time for snacking on deep fried foods, be it pakoras, fries or potato chips. While they taste delicious, fried foods are high in calories and can cause harm. So avoid them for good health in the winter.
Avoid packaged and processed baked goods because it can raise your cholesterol levels over time.
Winter is also the time when people love having gulab jamun, halwa, kheer and other desserts. However, these are unhealthy foods that are rich in cholesterol, calories and added sugars.
Undoubtedly, exercise daily for 30 mins to increase good cholesterol ( HDL). It protects the heart against cardiovascular disease.
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