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How to adopt animals at Delhi Zoo; check rates

krishna murthy
The Delhi Zoo has a wide variety of animals including birds and reptiles.
Animals like tigers, snakes, and elephants among others are likely to be put up for adoption.
The rates, ranging from Rs 700 to 6 lakh a year, depends on the type of species being adopted.
The price for adopting Indian wolf will be around Rs. 1, 80,000 per year while the Indian bison or gaur is priced at Rs. 2,25,000 per year.
If you are willing to adopt lions, tigers, rhinos and elephants, it will cost around Rs. 3,60,000 per year.
The adoption of zoo animals will be for one or two years.
To adopt an animal, one needs to fill up an application form available on the official website of National Zoological Park.
The payment can be done through cheque, demand draft, credit or debit Card to the National Zoological Park, New Delhi.
After the successful registration, the adopter will get a membership card mentioning his name and animal name.
They will be allowed to enter the zoo during visiting hours once every month on showing the card.
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