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How often does a solar eclipse happen?

Undoubtedly, eclipses excite more interest than any other event in astronomy. Solar eclipses, are often called rare occurrence. That seems to be a popular misconception.
On an average, a total solar eclipse occurs on every 18 months. That means two totalities for every three years. The occurrence of the eclipse depends on the particular calendar years.
Every year, one can witness two solar eclipses. The maximum number of solar eclipses that can take place in the same year is five, but this is rare.
According to NASA, only about 25 years in the past 5,000 years have had five solar eclipses. The last time this happened was in 1935, and the next time will be in 2206.
The second partial solar eclipse of 2022 will occur on October 25 when the moon will again align with the sun and the Earth in almost a straight line.