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How legal heirs of deceased can file IT return

krishna murthy
Yes, for this the legal representatives or heirs of a deceased person is entitled to pay any tax liability due, on behalf of the deceased.
A legal heir is a person who represents the assets of the deceased. If he fails to file the ITR of the deceased, then he will face penal consequences.
Here's how legal heirs of the deceased can file IT return
Log in to the e-filing portal using legal heir credentials.
Go to the ‘My Account menu located at the upper-left side of the page, and Click 'Register as Representative'.
Now, select the ‘Request Type’ as ‘New Request’.
Choose the ‘Category to Register’ as ‘Deceased (Legal Heir)’, and Click ‘Proceed’.
Provide the required details and upload the required documents.
Click on the ‘Proceed’ and ‘Verify the Request’ button.
Click ‘Submit’. A Success Message will be displayed confirming the submission of a request to ‘Register as Legal Heir’.
Now, you can file the income tax return on behalf of the deceased.
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