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How Indians are surviving the inflation

With prices soaring, Indians are making several amends in their daily life. The price of fuel is what has had the maximum impact on various essential commodities
Some have switched from a gas cylinder to a PNG as it initially reduced the burden. However now the prices are on par with each other
People have stopped binge buying. While the essentials can be avoided, the non-essentials are an absolute no.
Several parents have told their children not to ask for anything non-essential. No eating out, watching movies with friends for the time-being
Despite the soaring heat, people have reduced the consumption of Air Conditioners as this would help keep their electricity bill under check
Many who have additional money are investing in gold as it is considered to be very safe and protects their portfolio in the time of inflation
Equity investments do involve a fair value of risk. However it will compensate well for the same with the annual growth rate on equity investments standing at 10-12 per cent in contrast to the 4-6 per cent on fixed deposits