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How does Cipla’s real-time COVID-19 test kit work

Cipla has launched a real-time COVID-19 testing kit
Drug major Cipla on Tuesday launched a COVID-19 testing kit in partnership with diagnostics firm Genes2Me
Cipla will be responsible for the distraction of the RT Direct Kits in India and the supply of the same has commenced
The kit is validated by the Indian Council of Medical Research (ICMR). The kit is far more advanced than the other RT PCR tests
The RT-Direct test protocol does not need any RNA extraction process
Since the RNA extraction is not needed, the test result will be out in just 45 minutes

Cipla said that these kits would increase the throughput of any testing lad threefold when compared to the normal RT-PCR test protocol time of 120-150 minutes
With “the launch of RT-Direct multiplex COVID-19 RT PCR" test kit, the Mumbai-based drug firm is expanding its diagnostics offerings