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How colours can affect our mood

How colours can affect your mood
krishna murthy
The world has vibrant colours which are beautiful. But did you know that they can affect our mood
Here is what different colours tell you
When you are stressed out the right colour to surround yourself with is white
Orange is the colour for stimulation, enthusiasm. It radiates warmth and happiness
Blue is a colour that reduces tensions and fear. It is also colour of trust and peace
Purple makes us feel royal, sophisticated and luxurious
Red is associated with anger and love. The colour also signifies strength, power, courage and danger
Yellow creates a sense of warmth and cheerfulness. However too much yellow causes nervousness and anxiety
While too much green can lead to anger and envy it also indicates balance, growth, security and healing
Pink is generally associated with romance and love
Black is a colour of authority and power. It can also evoke sadness and anger
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