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Hottest places in the world

With the sun scorching mercilessly, a look at the hottest places in the world
Chandrapur, India famous for its summers is the third hottest place in the world at 43.4 degrees Celsius.
El Dorado Weather says that Kayes, a city in Mali at 44.4 degrees Celsius is the hottest place in the world.
Second on the list of most hottest places is Segou of Mali with temperatures of 43.8 degrees Celsius.
Two other Indian places which have made it to the list are Pilani and Chiru. They are at the eighth and ninth spot with 43.1 degrees Celsius and 43.0 degrees Celsius respectively.
In Maharashtra Pune was the hottest place with the mercury inching closer to 40 degrees
The IMD had predicted that the temperatures would increase in the last week of March due to a change in the wind pattern.
The forecast for April says that North, West-Central India will be enduring hotter days, while the Southern states would witness above average rainfall