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Home remedies for carpal tunnel syndrome

Beat carpal tunnel syndrome at home
krishna murthy
Often treatable, carpal tunnel syndrome is a painful or tingling feeling when a nerve in your wrist is pinched or blocked
Your arms take a hit due to a desk jobs. Take 10 minutes every hour to move your hands and relieve the stress
Elevate your arms every few minutes to help with fluid retention
Try pain relief balms such as Moov or Volini as it will help with numbness. Make sure you always consult a doctor
Do not indulge in strenuous activity and take frequent breaks
You will feel a soothing effect when you push your thumbs slow with the help of the other
Rotate your writs or stretch your arms as it will reduce the numbness
Keep your hands warm as it will help with stiffness
It is advisable to use arm braces if you have carpal tunnel syndrome
Try keeping your writs in a neutral pose and avoid flexing
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