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Here's how much donations BJP, Congress received as donation from corp

In 2019, the BJP received over 91 per cent of funds out of Rs 921.95 crore corporate donations.
The BJP had got much higher donations than other national and regional parties in 2019 during which the 17th Lok Sabha elections were held in India.
Out of approximately Rs 921.95 crore donations from the corporate and other business houses to the national parties, BJP received Rs 720.41 crore during 2019-20.
The major contribution came from the manufacturing, mining, the construction and exports companies for BJP and other parties.
Indian National Congress (INC) bagged Rs 133.04.
While BJP received the said amount from 2025 corporate companies, the INC got from 154 corporate and business donors, as per the Association of Democratic Reform (ADR).
However, Communist Party of India (CPI) has not revealed the details of the corporate donations.