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Herbal add-ons to your bath for glow and relaxation

krishna murthy
Of the many ways of caring for the skin, one comes in the form of herbal baths. To know more about them, read on.
Lavender is an important herbal ingredient for skin care since ancient times. It soothes and relaxes the skin. It also acts as an excellent healing agent for insect bites, sunburns, skin irritations, and wounds.
Lemongrass instantly relaxes your muscles and has a very soothing effect on your mind.
After a tiring day at work soaking oneself in mint-infused water can be the best thing for the mind, body, and soul.
Neem not only takes care of the skin in but also helps the skin fight germs, infections and pimples.
Eucalyptus drives stress away and the smell also helps clear a clogged nose.
Basil has a mild but very pleasant aroma that is sure to wake up your senses and leave you refreshed.
Adding these herbal ingredients to your bath will help relax the mind and muscles and bring about a rejuvenating feeling.
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