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Help your child focus better

Gowrish Babu
Most of the kids find it hard to concentrate particularly when they are tired, lazy or over worked.
It is difficult for parents to make children focus in such cases.
Here are some tips to help improve concentration among kids.
Being a child is not an easy task in the present world. Help them break down their big projects into small tasks.
Make sure that your child eats nutritious food and drinks enough water.
Encourage and teach your child not to read text messages or use cell phones while studying and doing homework.
Allow them enough fun time too and include brainstorming games and fun exercises.
Encourage them to study at the same time every day.
Balanced sleep aids in addressing child concentration problems. A power nap of twenty to thirty minutes in the afternoon is a good idea.
Memory games are the best way to build your child’s concentration.
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