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Heatwave to continue to this week

Heatwave conditions are likely to continue in India
Heatwave conditions are likely to impact parts of Delhi, Haryana, Punjab, south Uttar Pradesh, Rajasthan, Bihar and Jharkand till April 20
The maximum temperatures were above normal by 3 to 6 degree Celsius in many parts of Jammu, Punjab, Bihar, Jharkand, West Rajasthan, east Uttar Pradesh, Gangetic West Bengal
Maximum temperatures were above normal in isolated pockets over Haryana, Madhya Pradesh, Delhi, Saurashtra, Kutch and east Rajasthan
In the next three days the maximum temperatures are likely to rise by 2 to 3 degree Celsius over northwest India.
Heatwave conditions are likely over Madhya Pradesh and Vidarbha till April 20, the weather department has warned
The rainfall deficiency over the country is 35 per cent, with excess rainfall of 27 per cent over south peninsula